2023 Presidency: Shehu Sani Tells Southerners To Unite Or Lose Out

As the debate over which part of the country should produce the President in 2023 continues, a former Senator and civil rights activist, Shehu Sani has warned that the Presidency may elude the South in 2023 if the two regions (South-East and South-West) clamouring for it do not unite to decide which region should produce the President in 2023.

Sani, who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the eight National Assembly, spoke at an interactive session organised by the correspondent chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Council.

He said the ruling class is unyielding to ideas of the rotational presidency and it would take only a united South to press home this political solution which was adopted to give all parts of Nigeria a sense of belonging in the governance of the country.

Sani said while it may be unfair for the North to hold on to power in 2023, the South must unite to confront this posture of those in power as against its inter-regional campaign on who is qualified or otherwise.

“If the East and the West remain divided in their resolve on the governance of the country, it is this division that will be exploited by those who are proposing the issue of competence.

“So, the direction of the power is not dependent on an individual like me. One person like me simply gives a view that the North has been in power since 2015 to 2023 and it will be unfair if after 2023 based on the fact that other section of the country also has to be put into cognizance,” Sani said.

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