$9.6Bn Judgement Debt: P&ID Reps Plead Guilty For Tax Invasion, Fraud

The Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arraigned four suspects for their alleged involvement in the Process and Industrial Development Nigeria Limited (P&ID) deal that landed Nigeria in a $9.6

P&ID Virgin Island and its Nigerian affiliate, P&ID Nigeria Ltd pleaded guilty to the 11-count which bordered on fraud and tax evasion.

Two representatives of the companies were docked in a proceeding presided over by Justice Inyang Ekwo of the Federal High Court, Abuja.

The companies admitted all the allegations FG levelled against them through their representatives.

While P&ID Ltd, Virgin Island was represented by its Commercial Director, Mohammad Kuchazi, P&ID Nigeria Limited was represented by a lawyer, Adamu Usman.

They were among other things, alleged to have fraudulently claimed to have acquired land from the Cross River State Government in 2010 for the gas supply project agreement that resulted to the judgment debt.

The defendants did not object to the charges that was read to them.

The representative of P&ID pleaded guilty to intent to defraud by obtaining property from the Cross River State government.

They also pleaded guilty to a second count of obtaining land from the Cross River State government with the intent to defraud.

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