Abiodun Talks Tough, Vows To Demolish Houses Sheltering Criminals

Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun has flayed growing cases of criminality in the South Western part of Nigeria, promising however that his administration will deal with the menace with dispatch.

He says cases of banditry, kidnapping and other violent acts in the state means that owners of properties that shelter such criminal elements will attract punishment because they too will be prosecuted; just as the state will demolish properties used to perpetrate crimes.

The governor added that the administration will “smoke out the criminals” from their hide outs and make “hell looks like a child’splay” for them should they elect to hibernate in the state, vowing to arrest and prosecute them until they received their just punishment.

The Governor who made this known while briefing reporters about the security situations in the state, including the safe rescue of five persons abducted in Ogun on August 1, assured that drones and other equipment would be deployed soon in order to effectively protect lives and properties.

In attendance at the briefing were the state’s Commissioner of Police,

Bashir Makama and the Director of State Security Service (DSS), David


He emphasized that no part of Ogun State would be a safe haven for criminals and criminality in whatever form, whether on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Sagamu-Benin-Ore expressway, Abeokuta-Sango expressway or even the township roads and inter-State roads.

According to him, the whole state security architecture would be restructured to ensure effectiveness.

He also emphasized that Ogun remains the industrial hub of the nation and has the highest concentration of industries, declaring that he would not allow anybody to frustrate it.

Abiodun said: “the three incidents are a test of our resolve and we have demonstrated in clear terms our strong commitment to ensure that our dear state will continue to be secured for our people and all those who have made our dear state their home.

“Let me assure all our people that we are unreservedly committed togiving Ogun State and her people focused and qualitative governance and we are committed to creating the enabling environment for a public-private sector partnership which we believe is fundamental to the growth of this State and the individual prosperity of our people.

“In doing this, we do appreciate the very vital and pivotal role security plays. A secure environment is imperative to the promotion of investment; this is why we consider security as one of our top most enablers in building our building the future together agenda.”

The Governor said he would do his best to ensure that law-abiding citizens were safe.

“We will continue to ensure that people go about their legitimate enterprises and their businesses in a secure and safe Ogun State.

“Let me state in clear terms that no part of Ogun State will be a safe haven for criminals and criminality in whatever form whether on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Sagamu-Benin-Ore expressway, Abeokuta-Sango Expressway or even our township roads, inter-State roads, we shall smoke them out, we shall arrest them and we shall hand over to the swift hands of justice.

“For people with legitimate businesses, let me assure that Ogun State will continue to be a paradise but for people with criminal tendencies, hell for you will be a child’s play.

“In doing this, all of us who have decided to make Ogun State our dear home will have to cooperate and collaborate and synergize with our law enforcement agencies. We also have to support security agencies by giving them information of any suspicious movement of people. These criminals are not ghosts, they are not spirits, they are human beings, the live with us, they live within us, we should and we must fish them out.”

Abiodun warned landlords against harbouring criminals or offering their property as hiding place for them, threatening not only to demolish such structures but confiscate them.

“Let me use this opportunity to sound this very strong note of warning to our landlords and any property owner, that any property or facility found to be serving as hideout to criminals will not only be taken over by the State, but we will demolish them.

“The landlords will also be arrested and handed over for prosecution for harbouring criminals, we will consider and treat them as accomplices.

“We are working forwards strengthening our security apparatus in the

State. We are reorganising the Ogun State Security Trust Funds and it

will comprise key stakeholders alongside government officials and some of our longstanding retired law enforcement officers.

“We will be relaunching the State Security Trust Fund. We will ensure that it has the right cooperate governance so that it can provide the required funding for our law enforcement agencies,” he said.

The Governor also spoke of another initiative aimed at tackling the insecurity issues in the South West zone.

“In another dimension, there is a southwest zonal initiative that will also have a wholesome crime fighting apparatus this will also be unfolded in the next couple of weeks.

“I want to thank our security agencies, particularly their leadership for their commitment, dedication, professionalism and gallantry which has contributed in no small measure to the continuous peace and security that we have enjoyed in the State.

“For us as an administration, we will continue to collaborate with all our security agencies and together we shall build a strong future for Ogun State.

“We will not be stopped by any criminal or anyone whose motive is different from ours,” he said.

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