Again, Accident Caused by Okada Involving BRT Buses Claim Lives In Lagos

Eyewitnesses say, an accident this morning that may have claimed at least three lives involving two high capacity BRT commuter buses was caused by motor bikes otherwise called Okada. The buses were trying to avoid okada which trespassed into the narrow BRT lane leading them to lose control and rammed into each other.

Scene of accident

Many passengers in the buses have been hospitalised after the head-on collision during rush-hour in Nigeria’s commercial capital on Monday.

The incident happened at about 7:00 a.m. at Asolo Bus-Stop, near Majidun River, along the busy Ikorodu Road. The same road and around the spot that has witnessed two previous fatal accidents in the last one month.

Official number of casualties will be made public soon. Although from eyewitness account, the drivers and staff of the popular bus company may have been fatally affected.

The BRT corridor from Ikorodu is restricted to other road users, however, indiscipline and inability of Lagos State government officials to enforce the law has left the buses struggling with bikes on the narrow corridor.

As a result of the accident, a long line of traffic jam has been formed for residents streaming from Ikorodu and nearby neighbourhoods into downtown Lagos for work.

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