Alert: Panic As Owner Foils Car Snatching At US Embassy Car Park

Nigeria security agents attached to United States of America Embassy Friday have picked up an unidentified man after the owner of the car foiled an attempt to break into a vehicle at a car park in the embassy.

The park designated for visitors and others who have appointments at the embassy.

Eyewitness account says that the car owner had spent the night in the vehicle.

The suspected thief, however, did not know the owner was inside it when he broke into it.

Upon gaining entry, the suspect was welcomed with a slap by the owner, asking him what he was looking for.

Unable to give any convincing answer, the owner of the vehicle held on to the intruder and called for help.

As of the time of filing this report both the name of the alleged thief and the owner of the vehicle could not be ascertained.

Meanwhile, the situation has been brought under control by security agents stationed at embassy.

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