Aregbesola urges Nigerians to live within earnings

Former Governor of Osun State Rauf Aregbesola said the country has remained stagnant because of the free money it is living on.  

He urged Nigerians to be productive and stop living beyond their earnings.

Speaking on Wednesday at the launch of a book written by former Lagos State House of Assembly member Hon. Olusegun Olulade in Lagos, Aregbesola said it was time to change the narratives, calling on the youths to look inwards on what they can do for the country.

The book entitled “Eleniyan Perspectives” perused the impact of political leadership in the face of dwindling economy.

Aregbesola, who was the chairman of the event and guest lecturer, added that the bane of the country’s underdevelopment was due to the mismanagement of abundant opportunities in the country.

He said some youth preferred the easy way to wealth, noting this is highly responsible for the recurrent cases of kidnappings, robberies and other deviant behaviours in the country.

 “You have to improve yourself, as you do this you must consider your environment because you environment plays key role in this. And in doing this education becomes the most important factor that should be considered.

“Today the Southwest is far ahead of other regions in the country due to the education provided by the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The education he gave is the greatest asset the west gain which other regions are still battling to catch up with.

“The world is driven by knowledge and those who do not follow this path will be drifted away. It has become imperative for both public and private sector to embrace this model and ensure education is given the support it desired,” Aregbesola said.

The book reviewer, Group Controller, TVC, Mr. Babajide Kolade-Otitoju said the book was a bold initiative to elevate the thought of the author whose impact in politics had been remarkable.

He said the book provided insight into the Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s unparalleled examples, calling on the Yoruba nation to leverage to the quantum leap provided by the great leader.

He charged government to support youth development and positioned them for leadership, noting that the author was a product of similar efforts he leveraged on to build himself.

In his remarks, the author, Olulade said the book dealt with topical issues that promote development, unity and sustainable growth.

He stressed that the notion behind the book was to provide and document his ideas for those coming behind and how they can navigate the path to greatness.

“The 23-chapter book, for me, is an epoch and grand-breaking development. It will guide our youths on the various steps to take to make impact in the society,” Olulade said.   

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