Bayelsa Decides: PDP Chair Accuses Aspirants Of Sending Fake N1m Alerts To Delegates

Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa State Cleopas Moses has accused some leading aspirants of sending N1million fake bank alerts to delegates. Cleopas said the N1million fake alert was a desperate move by two major aspirants, to hoodwink the delegates to vote for them. The primary scheduled for Tuesday, according to the chairman said some of the delegates started receiving the fake alerts with a promise that they could access the money by Wednesday after their fate had been decided by them. The chairman described the action as a political fraud, noted that it was the height of desperation and called on anti-graft agencies to investigate the issue and make those behind it to face the long arm of the law. Meanwhile, Timi Alaibe one of the aspirants suspected to have been part of the scheme has denied it and accused a party official of being the brain behind pointing fingers at him. Moses also said the issue amounted to blackmail and vote buying, which he pointed out was a serious offence in the nation’s electoral system with very punitive measures against culprits. The PDP helmsman wondered why the duo would engage in such massive and outright electoral fraud all because of power, adding that they lacked credibility and the requiste morality to govern a state like Bayelsa. He stressed that all the aspirants had been given the opportunity to interface with the delegates in the various hotels but the duo rather than convince the delegates decided to use ‘419’ tactics so as to fraudulently win the party’s ticket. Cleopas called on Bayelsans especially PDP delegates to be wary of cunning characters, who were only interested in converting the commonwealth of the people to theirs. He maintained that the aspirants were not the kind of people Bayelsans need and urged the people to use the coming governorship primary to reject them and finally retire them from politics. He said “We got a very disturbing report of how two aspirants are sending fake bank alerts to some delegates to make them vote for them on Tuesday. “This is desperation taken too far. We feel that if they are popular then that is not the road to travel. Allowing them access to the delegates like others is to sell their manifesto and not engage in what is clearly vote buying. “We call on the EFCC and ICPC to investigate this issue and bring those behind the fraudulent bank alerts to book. On our part as a party we will not condone such actions that are capable of putting us in bad light”.

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