Before Revolution Is An Attitude Of Liberation

By Frank Tietie 

There is an attitude that is expected of a people seeking liberation from systemic bondage.

Let us not exchange one oppressor for another because we do not know what we want.

A people who want to be free from suffering, pain, injustice, poverty, lawlessness, impunity, underdevelopment, torture and death that are caused by a corrupt and oppressive system, must first as individuals, seek to be acquainted with the standards of living prescribed by law and also, desire to live by such standards. 

Much of what will make life meaningful and ensure a steady socioeconomic and political progress in Nigeria are Human Rights standards that are set out in Chapter 4 of the Nigerian Constitution and the whole of another Nigerian law, known as the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (Ratification & Enforcement) Act, Laws of the Federation, Cap A9. 1983

Where citizens do not first know, accept and agree to live by certain universally accepted standards, any political revolution, however peaceful or radical will only exchange one set of oppressors for  another. This will cause the cyclical bondage of personal and national underdevelopment to continue.

In the coming weeks, I shall expound on those minimum standards of living guaranteed by law for every citizen of Nigeria. 

Therefore, seek ye first to know the standards of living set by law, accept them and demand compliance from the authorities, at every opportunity. 

And the revolution will naturally happen!

It is just a matter of time!

Frank Tietie, Lawyer & Executive Director, Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights (CASER), writes from Abuja.

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