Biafra Agitator Ekpa Released By Finnish Authorities

Finnish police on Thursday released a pro-Biafra separatist agitator, Simon Ekpa, hours after he was arrested and questioned.

Politicos had reported that Finnish police arrested Ekpa. The police escorted the separatist out of his apartment in Lahti.

Ekpa was later released on Thursday evening after the police allegedly arrested him for a suspected crime in Finland.

The Finnish Central Criminal Police confirmed Ekpa’s release on Thursday, according to HS reports.

The police claimed that its operation in Lahti and the subsequent arrest of the pro-Biafra agitator were in connection with the ongoing preliminary investigation.

“The person being questioned today is suspected of a crime. We will return to the title on Friday,” Tommi Reen from the Central Criminal Police told HS during a phone interview.

When contacted earlier, an official of the Finnish Embassy in Abuja who craves anonymity confirmed Ekpa’s arrest.

In Nigeria, Ekpa has been inciting violence through his membership of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

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