Bolanle Raheem Buried | DPO Warned Us Against Shooting Civilians Before Lawyer’s Death – Witness

A colleague of ASP Drambi Vandi, who fatally shot lawyer Bolanle Raheem, revealed that they had received a warning not to shoot anyone hours before the tragic incident.

On Monday, Inspector Matthew Ahmed testified at a Lagos State High Court and claimed the Ajah Divisional Police Officer issued the warning.

Ahmed claims that on the day Raheem was killed, he and his team returned to their Ajah workplace at 6am.

Ahmen testified: “The DPO told us that on no account should anyone use firearms, except someone was in danger or our lives were being threatened.”

The policeman disclosed that Vandi was the team’s leader and that the three of them were assigned to Ajah under the bridge.

Ahmed continued by stating that during the stop and search that was carried out on Christmas Day, a different teammate of theirs named Dimini was in front, he was in the middle, and Vandi was at the back.

Dimini flagged down a car when he spotted it coming, according to the Inspector, but it did not stop.

Ahmen said he beckoned for the car to stop when it reached where he was standing, but it continued.

“The next thing I heard was a gunshot and I looked back to see what was happening; I saw that a windscreen was falling down.

“The next thing I saw again was a dark woman who jumped down from the vehicle and I heard her saying, “Oga you have killed my sister.”

“The woman held him (Vandi) and before I and Dimini could get to them, they had entered the car, locked it and left.

“Vandi entered the same vehicle and they drove him away; we did not know where they went to.

“While we were at the station, we saw that the DPO brought ASP Vandi to the station with the police patrol vehicle.”

The Lagos State Government charged Vandi with murder, but Vandi pleaded not guilty.

The case has been adjourned to January 25 and 26.

Meanwhile, Raheem was on Tuesday buried in Ikoyi, Lagos, amid tears by family, friends and colleagues.

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