Cholesterol Panel Checks Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, says Don

A Professor of Biochemistry at Bayero University, Kano, Muhammad Atiku Kano, has revealed that in spite of its perceived negative consequences in human body, Serum Lipids (cholesterol) Panels are playing an important role of protecting humans from contracting cardiovascular and other related diseases.

Delivering the 43rd Professorial Inaugural Lecture on Thursday, at Bayero University Kano, titled Serum Lipids and Lipoproteins: A Curse or a Blessing?, Kano posited that Serum Lipids plays an important function in human body which is checking the risk of heart disease.

However, he warned that high disturbances in Lipids level in the body leads to disease condition. “Viewed from the double-edged perspective, Lipids may either be a blessing or a curse depending on its functions in normal or diseased conditions respectively.”

Kano, who described serum lipids as fat or fatty acids in human body that are nearly or totally insoluble in water, explained that high disturbances in lipids are often caused by life styles and dietary habits of the people and that the only alternative is for people to avoid any action that can lead to abnormal lipids levels.

He equally revealed that research had further shown that serum lipids and lipoproteins patterns vary according to geographical, racial, age and sex differences.

In particular, he said community who consumed groundnut oil has the tendency of having people with high serum lipids as against areas who do not indulge in the consumption of fat-rich oils as groundnut.

As a way of maintaining normal lipids, he advised that people should be encouraged to indulge in regular physical activity, reduction in stress levels, decrease or total abstinence from alcoholism, smoking and consumption of fat-rich foods.

Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor of Bayero University, Prof. Muhammad Yahuza Bello, who was represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics) Prof. Adamu Idris Tanko, commended the Secretariat of the Inaugural Lecture Committee for living up to expectation of organizing a regular presentation of the lectures.

Bello said the University management always encouraged professors to present their papers so as to share their knowledge and experience with the members of the University community and the wider society.

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