Council Boss Denies Erecting Shopping Complex Under High Tension Cable

Concerned by complaints of residents, Chairman of Agbado-Okeodo LCDA in Lagos State, Dr. Adeoye Arogundade has refuted claims that a newly refurbished shopping complex within the council was built under high tension electricity cables.

The electricity towers and lines owned by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) have left residents in Amikanle community worried because of the apparent danger associated with safety over such infrastructure.

“The entire Amikanle community is almost under TCN high tension cables” Dr. Arogundade began. “We are not building a new market. The market has been a community market for forgiveness ages. Our council decided to upgrade the facilities there and renovate it to accord with our mega city standard, ” he noted.

“Lagos State government during Governor Fashola’s time wanted to move the popular Katan Gowa Market over there, but on getting there and seeing that the place was built up, he rescinded the decision.

“I can’t go and demolish the market or the community. We can only make the community better by improving on the sanitation and aesthetics of their market.”

The chairman told that there is a set back to the market. He said none of the stalls stands directly under the high tension cables, since the council liaised with Town Planning to ensure no laws were broken.


There were reports which suggested that the complex was newly erected and may not have met safety precautions over the weekend.

Pictures seen by our correspondent appear to suggest that the market was built under electricity cables. This, the chairman has refuted.

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