Crisp Dollars, Drs Ngige And Jean-Jacques Muyembe

By John Ogunlela

Nigeria-trained doctors leaving to practice abroad is good news for Nigeria because those doctors repatriate money’.

This was the considered opinion of a cabinet member and a medical doctor a few months ago and there was no reversal of that sorry opinion by the man or the government. It is a dangerous thing to have this quality of thinking in leadership at any level – it is like the quality of thinking of a prostitute or of a drug dealer or – yes, of an Esau. Esau figured that all that was important in life is temporary relief and pleasure even if you give your inheritance and all of your future good up for it!

An African doctor has discovered a cure for Ebola. To our Dr Ngige Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe would have been better off practicing his medicine under the British NHS and sending pound sterling back home to Congo and his people at home would have been buying up cars and property. that would have made more sense than delivering medical solutions at home because money is everything!

But according to the BBC, the new drugs designed by Dr Muyembe, named REGN-EB3 and mAb114, “work by attacking the Ebola virus with antibodies, neutralizing its impact on human cells”. All former management regimes for Ebola have been officially discarded right now and the new drugs are being prescribed as per standard procedure. Patients improve rapidly within an hour and get discharged within two days.

Dr Muyembe was 40 years working on the problem.
The new government in Downing Street has said it intends to recruit even more scientists to power up Britain’s economy – especially in view of Brexit. If the type of cabinet we have in Nigeria is a low-thinking type like Ngigie, we might as well sell the few we have at home to London for wads of forex and it would have been a smart policy.

We are scandalized as a nation that a man who mouthed this type of opinion in a matter-of-fact way is being rewarded with a continuation in cabinet. It shows something about our national values as endorsed by the Buhari administration and we must say in clear terms that it disappoints greatly. It falls short. There are alternatives several times more intelligent than Ngige in his state.

What do you think scientist do really? They labour for pocket change? So you don’t know we have our own Bill Gates, our own Edison and so forth who could have invented highly disruptive technologies that would have made the wealth of the world flow this way? None of the expensive cell phones you carry about is worth more than about 20 dollars as per material and labour, what they charge good money for is the brain, the technology driving it.

People who place no value on that brain but want just a slice of the 20 bucks are of Esau – they sell their lives for just a meal and they are not supposed to be anywhere around where national development is being planned. They are also not supposed to be allowed to address students in anything of importance or be set up in a position of setting an example or leading in any way. They are not criminals, mind you; they are just people whose standard of thinking will take you back. The most important thing in life is how we think and it automatically reflects in our leadership as well.

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