Day Ogun State PDP Secretary Was Caught Flat-Footed On Channels Television

By Akinyele Olakintan

Friday, November 4, 2022 would be a memorable day in the lives of the members and stakeholders of the Ogun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

It was a day the leading contender for the Ogun state PDP governorship ticket Otunba Jimi Adebisi Lawal engaged the expelled State Secretary Sunday Solarin on Sunrise Daily, the early morning flagship show of Channels Television. One heartless betrayer and coward hiding behind a finger used the pseudo name “Tayo Oyekanmi” but we know him too well. His is a story for another day!

Now, to the issue. His jaundiced piece in particular exposed his sheer ignorance and deliberate twisting of facts which have continued to plagued them.

For as many as the reasonable, sensible and discerning minds who watched the program, Otunba Jimi Adebisi Lawal’s explanation was succinct and clear.

While responding to Ayo Makinde’s question on how he got the INEC certified delegates’ list, JAL simply explained that the commission, having been invited by the party to monitor the 3-man ad-hoc delegates’ congress, came up with a voluminous report on the whole exercise in the end, which included names of the democratically elected delegates across the two hundred and thirty-six wards in Ogun State. Hence, the claim that he (Otunba Jimi Lawal), compiled a list and gave it to INEC to certify is not only senseless, but a cheap lie not expected of persons who boast of at least, more than one doctorate degree.

Delegates list of a party can not be compiled by an individual and taken to INEC. Anyone who believes this is a dunce. Again, we advise the rumour peddlers to desist from exposing their lack of intellectual capacity which has caused them downfall in their previous political sojourn. Lies, deceits, attacks on social media have absolutely no influence in the court of law. The case is the case and emotion wont matter in the judgement of a case.

What should be a matter of concern to them is how the expelled State secretary of the PDP in Ogun State, Sunday Solarin erroneously stated on same program that Otunba Jimi Lawal joined the party in March and primary election was held in April.

JAL joined the PDP in February and the primary election of the party was held in May. This same frustrated Secretary and stooge of Ladi Adebutu claimed he has never had any personal interaction with Otunba Jimi Lawal and he doesn’t even have his mobile number. This is even when there are clear evidences of his exchange of message with Otunba Jimi Lawal, one of which is the money requested for the rehabilotation of the road leading tk the State Party secretariat in Abeokuta. The said project has neither being commence, let alone completed despite acknowledging the receipt of the money. These are the set of money mongers that will make up the cabinet of Ladi Adebutu if (God forbid) he emerges as the Governor of Ogun State.

May evil never befall the gateway State !

° Olakintan writes from Sango-Ota, Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State

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