FACT CHECK: Did Mugabe’s Family Buy A N17Bn Casket For His Burial?

Funeral for the deceased former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is going-on presently in a Harare stadium with many African dignitaries attending. Mugabe died in a Singapore hospital during an undisclosed illness.

The real casket (bearing Mugabe’s remains) today in Harare

During the week, pictures emerged of what looked like a casket allegedly bought with N17 billion equivalence. The family was said to have bought it. The “casket” is said to be an automated computer mumbo-jumbo which will preserve the remains of the late 95-year old from decomposing for another decade. His family, the reports claimed will simply fiddle with the computer devise to turn the remains of the grand old man to a viewing spectacle.

However, the photos have been discredited. Reports say posts shared hundreds of thousands of times on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter in Nigeria which claim to show pictures of late Mugabe’s “17 billion casket” is false.

Instead the photographs can be found online as early as 2007 and show a rather unusual computer case, made in the form of a coffin. This is typical fake news.

Fake coffin

Meanwhile, Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years until he was ousted by his own army in November 2017 has his well attended by Zimbabweans and the government.

He will be buried in the mausoleum, at the National Heroes Acre shrine in Harare, in about 30 days his nephew said on Friday, contradicting earlier comments that the burial would be on Sunday.

More than 10 African leaders including South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta were at the event.

His coffin casket was paraded into the national sports stadium to the accompaniment of a military band as well-wishers watched on.

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