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FG Rescues Nigerian Ladies In Viral Video Stranded In Lebanon


The young women in a viral video who numbered about 30 with hooded faces in a small room in Lebanon calling on government and well-meaning Nigerians to come to their aid have been rescued.

The women have been moved to another location within Lebanon, pending their repatriation to Nigeria.

According to a tweet by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), they will be evacuated back home next week along with 150 others. All of them women who went to Lebanon as domestic hands.

NIDCOM in the tweet stated, “The girls have been located, rescued and moved to another location by the Nigerian mission in Lebanon. They will return along with about 150 others awaiting evacuation from Lebanon”.

The ladies said they regretted travelling to Lebanon.

“We are stranded. Please, we are pleading. We need your help. We are living and sleeping in one room.

“We regret coming to this place (Lebanon); we want to return to our father’s land. Please help us,” they appealed to the Nigerian authorities.

The girls said they have been homeless as they had been evicted from their temporary house.

The voice in the video also claimed that three of them are sick and risk dying because no hospital would admit them for treatment without their national passport.

She said, “We left our madam and are living here, but the landlord of this house has sent us out, saying we should not come back. We are stranded; we don’t have anywhere to go to.

“Three of us are sick now; they can’t be treated without their passports. The passports are with their bosses.”

The ladies claimed that the Nigerian Embassy in Lebanon had shunned their calls for help. They also said the embassy officials did not allow them to see the ambassador.

“Comfort” revealed that she applied for the evacuation flight from Lebanon but that the Nigerian embassy did not list her name among those to return to Nigeria.

“I registered for evacuation on July 3 and since then; three evacuation flights have left Lebanon.

“The embassy is not doing anything to help us. We are your children; we need to go back to our country. We need all the help we can get. We want Nigerians to come to our aid.”


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