First ‘Slow Lanes’ For Pedestrians Glued To Their Phones Open In UK

  • Two adjacent mobile safe lanes have been introduced in Manchester city centre
  • The 247ft long lanes are in an area full of offices, bars and restaurants in the city
  • Research suggests that 75 per cent of Brits walk and use phones simultaneousl

Slow lanes for pedestrians who can’t prize their eyes away from their screens have opened in the UK in order to stop obsessed walkers from bumping into each other.

Two adjacent 247ft long ‘mobile safe lanes’ have been introduced in Manchester city centre in a bid to accommodate those who are tech-obsessed.

The designated pathway for pedestrians is located in the Spinningfields district of the area, which is full of offices, bars and restaurants.

The area is used by tens of thousands of people every week and the development comes as new research has revealed that 75 per cent of Brits are guilty of walking and using their phones at the same time.

According to The Mirror, 38 per cent of people have had an awkward encounter when they have bumped into someone.

This is while 27 per cent of people have bumped into someone who had been looking at their phone – only for them not to apologise.

Managing director of AO-Mobile, Richard Baxendale said society is changing and we have to be ‘realistic’ and respond to the changing climate.

‘Our research found Brits being distracted by technology when walking is becoming an issue people want tackled.

Our trial slow lane is an important first step that may well be adopted by other cities in the future.’

The lanes are currently being set up on a trial basis and it has not yet been confirmed if the move will be tested in the rest of the country.

In September 2014 a ‘smart phone only’ lane was opened in the Chinese city of Chongqing.

It followed a social experiment in Washington DC which was painted on 18th Street in July 2014 in order to garner information on crowd behaviour.

as reported by Daily Mail

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