Group Claims Northern Governor Planning Own Revolution

Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), has alleged that a governor of a state in he Northwest of the country is masterminding a northern version of #RevolutionNow, which is led by detained Omoyele Sowore.

The group says unlike the botched #RevolutionNow, the proposed northern version is aimed at promoting a mischievous 2023 political agenda of certain northern politicians.

In a statement in Kaduna, the CNG advised the governor to shelve his planned protest or be exposed.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman spokesman to the coalition said the planned agitations and disturbances are part of a wider agenda to destabilise the polity.

CNG said: “Our attention was called to trending reports that a certain fake, fringe and obscure Joint Northern Action Front is mobilising the North to revive the violent and counterproductive #RevolutionNow in northern parts of the country.

“The #RevolutionNow was politely rejected by the North in view of its pronounced sinister intention of forcefully overthrowing the current democratic government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“It is, therefore, surprising and suspicious that any group of people should, for any intent and purpose, attempt to resurrect the dead revolution, particularly in the North.

“CNG hereby categorically counts itself out of such and similar unpatriotic moves and restates its call for all northerners to remain resolute in rejecting any attempt to drag them into any dangerous movement in whatever guise.

“We wish to remind the North of the expedience to retain its position as the bulwark of respect, integrity, dignity, decorum, tradition, decency, morality, civilisation, etiquette, good behaviour, politeness, accommodation, and other positive traits that include civil approach to every situation.

“The fact that in spite of the studied and dignified reserve of the North and refusal by its people to engage in the destructive move for the overthrow of a democratic government in the guise of a revolution, fresh attempts are now (being) made to mislead the region into embarking on a journey without knowing the actual destination, gives room for serious concern.

“We observe that though dressed in the robes of the botched #RevolutionNowinitiated by the Southwest gangs, the present concept is ideologically different.

“It is observed that without the slightest hint at addressing national grievances, these planned protests only aim to promote the mischievous 2023 political agenda of certain northern politicians by scapegoating other individuals.

“While the nation is generally convinced about the existence of a certain cabal with ample influence on President Muhammadu Buhari and his policies, we, nevertheless, believe that it should not be made the key focus for the calls to violent confrontation, as suggested by organisers of the protests.

“CNG specifically suspects a certain serving governor of one of the northwest states of masterminding the proposed northern version of the#RevolutionNow, as well as the anti-cabal protests held earlier to bring about chaos to avenge his loss in a bid to be made a principal officer in the Presidency.

“We, therefore, see the planned agitations and disturbances as part of a wider agenda aimed at ushering in instability, thereby occasioning a change of structure in the Presidency to suit the plan of this governor by whatever means and tactics.

“We advise the northwest governor involved in this unpatriotic plan to desist and call off the plans forthwith, otherwise we would not hesitate to expose him and his mischievous plans.

“To our brothers, who are misled into accepting to be part of the dangerous agitations, we urge more patriotism on their part and ask them to reconsider their position, keeping in mind how Libya was brought to its present situation.

“We still insist that there are available decent and civilised avenues for approaching and resolving issues that do not necessarily involve violence or the resort to unnecessary and counterproductive confrontation.”

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