Harsh Criticisms Trail UNILAG Lecturer’s Sex-For-Admission Video As Foursquare Church Disowns Him

Dr. Boniface Ibeneghu an associate professor in the Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos has come under harsh criticisms from Nigerians across different backgrounds since the news of his escapades with girls made headlines across the world.

Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and news websites have helped to spread the video documentary made by BBC African Eye titled “sex for grades.” The media giant undertook an undercover investigation which revealed how sex is traded in abusive form by lecturers in western African countries in order to offer assistance to female students.

In the 13-minute video, Ibeneghu was seen soliciting for sex from a “17-year old” undercover reporter who posed as an admission seeker.

The video has caused commotion on the country and especially on facebook where the UNILAG lecturer who is also a pastor of Foursquare Gospel Church maintains a page.

On Monday, his church the Foursquare Gospel Church has also disowned and criticised his alleged actions. The church says the lecturer has been asked to step down from all ministerial activities pending outcome of further investigation.

Statement by his church

In a statement signed by Rev Ikechukwu Ugbaja the church’s national secretary, it said it does not condone “unscriptural” behavior and alerted Nigerians Of their decision to sever ties with pastor.

Meanwhile, although his profile is not open for comments, nevertheless, social media users besieged a post he made about his wife’s ordination as a Pastor too to tell him off.

He made the following post on June 20 at 8.25am with few friends congratulating him: “Fond memories of the Induction Ceremony of my darling wife as a Pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria by the General Overseer, Reverend Felix Meduoye at the Foursquare Camp, Ajebo, Lagos- Ibadan Expressway on April 20, 2019. Precisely two months ago! To God be the glory!!”

Ibeneghu’s post, he and his wife

However by Monday afternoon after his illicit sexual affair was made public, that post has garnered nearly 400 comments with sever criticism of his role in the undercover report.

Here are a few comments and screen shots of comments on Ibeneghu’s wall:

Abiodun Isaac Taiwo: “Your unborn generation shall suffer same fate,you made all those ladies you have violated.

Insha Allah!– Ameen
In Jesus Name!!– Amen
In the name of all deities in Yoruba land — Ase”

Dumebi Martina Barbiejo wrote: “See the fine lady you married but the dog in you no wan rest… WE ARE DRAGGING YOUR BALLS TO HIGH HEAVENS TODAY 🖕🖕🖕… PERVERT!!!”

Defunke Adeyemi: “I just wish you have an idea of how you just ruin the lives of your wife and children with your immorality….
Shame on you!!!!!”

Forte Victoria simply commented: “Pastor Pastor. Cold room ambassador!”

Another Facebook user Gbangucci Gbangucci said:You are a big time disgrace. You might have to tender your resignation or we the youth will mobilize or I’ll try to have a man o man o talk with you. You shameless he-goat.

Stanley “Ugbo” Okeke asked one of his friends this: “Nwanyi Gbuo Efi see your pastor.. have you given your life to christ?”

It is not clear which is more vexatious to Nigerians going by their comments. Is it the fact that the lecturer is a Pastor or because the pastor is a lecturer?

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