Hate Speech: British Police Arrest Adeyinka Grandson

Counter Terrorism Command, the Special investigating arm of the British Police, has arrested one Adeyinka Grandson, the leader of a pan Yoruba group called Young Yoruba for Freedom, YYF. He was said to have undergone long hours of interrogation at the police station, spending at least nine hours.

He was held over allegations of spewing hate against the Igbo and Fulani in Nigeria, and for encouraging terrorism and murders.

Grandson is known on social media for his vitriolic attacks on the Igbo and Fulani from his London base, particularly those living in the south west, accusing them of being the problem of Nigeria. He regularly describes Fulani as the enemy of the Yorubas.

In a statement by his group, YYF, he is said to be seeking for help since he has had his passport seized and had to resign his job as he is under serious surveillance.

In the last couple of years, Grandson is known to have riled many social media users for his unbridled hate mongering, threatening to dismember the country in favour of an Oduduwa Republic.


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