Inestimable Plaudits For Allen Onyema And His Air Peace Crew

I applaud the sound gesture of Allen Onyema and his , Air Peace for a successful evacuation of Nigerians from South Africa … No place place like home.

By Okey Emezu

Xenophobia! Returning from South Africa on Wednesday, and on seeing the mother land, they become excited and sang the National Anthem…no place is like home.

This is what being an Igbo man means and represents. Brotherhood! Unfortunately most of the Igbo millionaires and government officials withheld their concerns. Not even the “freedom fighters” so called.

Initially Nigerians thought it was the Federal government initiative. Time will always reveal the truth. The truth remains that no president would have acted so badly like Buhari in the event of this nature. It was a good opportunity for President Buhari to demonstrate to other Nigerian tribes that he is not lifeless but lives and cares. Yet Buhari refused to take any plausible action, despite all the pressure from different quarters. An attitude of a man who has lost touch with the people and the realities.

Even our own Geoffrey Onyeama the Honorable Minister whose conduct and demeanor supposed to reflect both ‘honour’ and empathy. I have also been wondering in agony why our governors stayed back and did nothing. At the airport, we were told that the first batch of 188 people to arrive were given a sim card. Just a sim card, not even with phone. This is not only ludicrous but irresponsible. What a shame. I expected these men and women to be escorted to the hospitals for check ups, most of them must have been traumatized abused and some may need medical supplies. Yet they were sent home with bunch of promises. When will the Nigerian government learn to be responsible?

This single incident, has not only exposed Nigerian’s unpreparedness in the event of emergency and hostility but also shows that we have no alternative as a people and that is why we must be concerned with what happens in Nigeria no matter where you find yourself. Nigeria, as at today is the only country ALL of us can refer as our birth place and country of origin. Not showing concern in the affairs of this country is to our own detriment.

History will judge harshly those who are not kind to her. And Mr Allen Onyema, history will not only remember you for this gesture but history will be kind to you.

Prince Emezu wrote in from Athens, Greece

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