Kanu’s Meeting With The European Parliament Members Tuesday: Fact Or Fallacy

Kanu’s Meeting With The European Parliament Members On The 10th Sept. 2019: Fact Or Fallacy – What you need to know?

By Okey Emezu

First the Pictures of Kanu in circulation today have vindicated my earlier writings that Kanu is not meeting any member of European Parliament but some photo opportunity with few friends. Make sure not to comment until you read through my line of arguments otherwise you will get it all wrong.

To avert encumbrances, permit me to point out few fallacious and misleading phrases most Kanu’s followers and Jubilants may not have considered before now…

1, Kanu said in the message “I have graciously accepted the invitation of a few members of the European Parliament to address the burning issues of IPOB agitation. Please pay attention to the words employed here especially “few”.

The fallacy here is that of numeric and abstractions. How many? No specification, but one thing is clear, Kanu will not be speaking with all or many but “few” persons he claims to be members of the European Parliament. By implication Kanu’s meeting may be with two or three persons whom we are not sure of their occupation or political affiliation if any, at any designated place but not at the European Parliament Chamber and yet he made it to appear as if he would be addressing the entire European Parliament at the Chamber. This, to me is not only uncanny but childish.

2, Another phrase you must pay attention to here is the agendum of the meeting. According to Kanu, the agendum of the discussion will be to discuss the “issues of IPOB agitation.” I don’t think IPOB is another name for the Igbos but a group of people. So Kanu”s meeting with those few men is about his IPOB group and not the Igbos.

This made me to contemplate why the many of us should bother ourselves with Kanu”s meeting with one or two persons who may or may not be members European to discuss his group.

3, To better understand this point, here is somethings you need to know about the EU Parliament. The European Parliament meets annually, starting on the second Tuesday in March. Extraordinary part-sessions may occur if the European Council, the European Commission or a majority of the MEPs request it. [Source: Article 229 Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union].
So which EU Parliament will Kanu meet on Tuesday the 10th of September?

4, Again do well to understand that the European Policy is one that does not allow or approve divorce amongst Confederations. They don’t support the doctrine of secession whether in Spain/Catalonia, Ukraine/Crimea, or elsewhere. Europe never supported South Sudan secession from Sudan but USA and which everyone is regretting today. Therefore to suggest that anyone is meeting European Parliament to discuss secession is like discussing the downfall of the Syrian President Asad with Putin the Russian President.

Finally whether this meeting will take place will be a matter of time. My findings hasn’t turned up any information about the meeting except that Kanu mentioned it. Recall that Kanu and his IPOB are not new in this kind of information. A trade he, Kanu learnt from his former boss, Ralph Uwazurike who kept us busy with his meetings with UN, hoisting of flags and printing of Biafran currencies and passports which later turned our to be bunch of lies.
Now here is my worry: how many times will Kanu deceive you and when will you understand?

Do well to remember that on the eve of the Nigerian general election, Kanu told his members that the FGN has “met my all conditions.” How many of you dared to ask “which conditions were met? And who negotiated those conditions with FGN? Only the IPOB leader did.

The earlier you discover that you are being tricked the better. The Igbos are loosing so mush with this tactics. The Yorubas and Hausas are gaining more grounds while we, the Igbos are pursuing shadows. Think Twice!

-Prince Emezu wrote in from Athens, Greece

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