LADI ADEBUTU: When Desperation Beclouds Sense Of Reasoning

By Abolaji Sobowale

Hardly does a day pass without a news report about the Ogun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Our dear party is more often than not in the news for the wrong reasons. And the hullabaloo is traceable to the forlorn ambition and desperation of the son of the lotto merchant. This has driven him to equate himself with the Party; one whose word must be the law, coupled with reckless imposition of delegates and/or candidates, as the case may be!

In its nearly 24 years of existence, our dear party has never had it this bad for the party not to have candidates for House of Assembly, House of Representatives, Senatorial and gubernatorial elections barely four months to the general election. But the system has been bastardized by the desperate dude who wants to have total control of the party structure, determine who gets what in all the positions and then pocket the governorship ticket.

Just like the popular saying that a tree can never make a forest, it is a pity. By their acts, Ladi Adebutu and his half-baked cohorts have subjected the party to ridicule and opprobrium.

The other day, I heard someone sing-praising Ladi Adebutu for his contributions to the party. I chuckled to myself asked:
Who’s truly a party man? A man who left the party to join the defunct Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)? A man who went from PPN to join the Labour Party (LP)? A man who retraced his steps and came back to the PDP in 2018? Or the man who signed a three-year MOU with the APM in 2019 about 48 hours to the gubernatorial election when he couldn’t secure the ticket of the party?

Ladi Adebutu and his followers worked against the party; and he was handsomely rewarded.

Otunba Jimi Lawal, a man who is seen as a liberator for freedom by some of the party faithful who Ladi Adebutu has through his arrogant behaviour boasted that the national organ of the party won’t sell the Guber nomination form to any other person in Ogun State apart from him. Everything in play now might be coming as dream to the man who had thought his father’s money could buy everyone.

Truthfully, everyone has a price tag but not all can be bought. This is just the simple saying that has turned to play which is making his ambition to be dangling in the air like the kite.

It is pathetic to also note that the desperation of the son of the lotto merchant had made him share all political positions without consulting relevant stakeholders. When one reflects on everything, one is forced to pause and ask: what are all these shenanigans about? These are the real questions begging for answers.

° Sobowale is a member of PDP

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