Ladi Adebutu’s Penchant For Illegality, A Germane Cause Of His Failure Trademark

By Akinyele Olakintan

The governorship ambition of Ladi Adebutu continues to swim in a pool of uncertainty. In 2019 and now again, 2023, it has become crystal clear that the lotto merchant’s son is the architect of his own failure.

I am one of those who strongly believe in the popular saying that, “NO ONE WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FAILURE IN LIFE”. In addition, a saying which goes thus, ” YOU CAN NOT CONTINUE DOING THE SAME THING, THE SAME WAY AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT” is a major line that should be read into the ears of the pig rearer, on a daily basis.

Sometimes, one sits and imagine what the self-acclaimed scholars around Ladi Adebutu are doing. What do they use their heads for? They have been on this for quite a while but still haven’t found a way out despite having all party mercenaries in their favour? Are these the set of people Ladi Adebutu will bank on for ideas should he (God forbid) emerge as Governor ?

No. It can’t be. These are set of lawless individuals who solely belief in the use of veto power to accomplish their aims. Fortunately for a man who was NOT destined to become a governor, these are the people God has blessed him with.

Majority of the key political players in Ogun state are aware of how the 2019 legal fireworks between Adebutu and the late Senator Buruji Kashamu went. It was until the Court judgement, delivered 48 hours to election that Ladi Adebutu realised he won’t be on the ballot. They perpetrated illegality and wanted it to stand the test of the law. No, it can’t and would never be. It will fall like a pack of cards.

It is yet another dispensation. No one ever thought barely three months to election, Ladi Adebutu won’t be addressed as the candidate of the PDP in Ogun State. This time, he has every mercenary to his favour. The state, local government and ward excos were all his. What more could a man have asked for?

There comes Otunba Jimi Adebisi Lawal (JAL). A man who is equally interested in governing Ogun State, just like Ladi Adebutu. He joined the party few months to the delegates’ congress. He was totally submissive to the Iyiorchia Ayu -led national working committee and Ogundele-led State working committee. He neither orchestrated nor paraded a factional exco, like Adebutu did with Kashamu in 2019. One would have thought Otunba Jimi Lawal was here to waste his funds because who dared to contest the governorship slot with Ladi Adebutu in Ogun PDP when he already has about 90% of the executives to himself?

When the ad-hoc delegates’ congress was held, its outcome was a shocker to Adebutu and his cronies but they were not too worried with the hope that Buhari’s assent will allow the statutory delegates participate in the primary election. With this, they thought they would be good to go since the five pillars were theirs.

Unfortunately for them, the assent was not granted by President Buhari and it means that only the democratically elected ad-hoc delegates would participate at the primary elections. Sensing danger ahead, Ladi Adebutu connived with some members of the NWC to alter the original list of democratically elected delegates in his favour. But, unknown to them, INEC and security agencies monitored the ward congress and had the results and report with them which was applied for by the JAL team. That was the beginning of the end for the Adebutu’s forlorn ambition.

The outcome of barring the democratically elected delegates from performing their rights at the May 25, 2022 gubernatorial primary election of PDP in Ogun State is why the party, up till this moment, has no governorship candidate in the state. It is the same reason many of the party’s primaries have been nullified by the courts and still counting!

What’s with Ladi Adebutu and illegalities. Why are his cases always trembling in the face of the law? If someone who’s aiming the number one seat in Ogun state is this lawless and can’t roundly win an intra-party contest, what do you think the people of Ogun state have to deal should he emerge as their Governor? (God forbid)

My message to Ladi Adebutu is that he must start seeing beyond his nose. The man you and your hirelings called a mole came into this party and has been loyal to the state, local government and ward leadership of the party which was deliberately put in place by the NWC to favour you. In addition to your acclaimed popularity, the party mercenaries are on your side. How on earth are you afraid of participating in a rerun with the use of the democratically elected delegates’ list as ordered by the court ?

Ladi Adebutu, no one is causing you problem, you are the architect of your own failure. The death of Kashamu has further exposed you as an empty-barrel making the loudest noise.

° Olakintan writes from Sango-Ota, Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State

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