Leave NDDC Focus On Your States, Group Tells Niger Delta Govs

A group, Niger Delta Peoples Confederation (NDPC) on Sunday asked Governors from the Niger Delta, especially South-South to focus on providing modern infrastructure, capacity building and economic growth in their states.

The group was reacting to the rejection of the composition of the board of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) by governors of the Niger Delta region.

The appointments of former Deputy Governor of Edo state, Dr. Pius Odubu and Bernard Okumagba as Chairman and Managing Director, had drawn criticisms in some quarters, including from governors of the region.

But the group, in a statement by its Coordinator-General, Iyamo Osaro, described the views of the governors as “their personal opinions, and not a representation of the collective wishes and aspirations of the Niger Delta people.”

He questioned the sudden interest of the governors in the affairs of the NDDC when in their individual states, they operate a non-transparent system depriving the people of the rights to ask questions on how resources are spent.

He expressed support for the duo, adding that the criticism of the governors was “uncalled for and baseless.”

He said that the governors, instead of meddling in an affair they have no authority over, should focus on improving the plight of the people they govern and display more accountability in their questionable management of the resources of the region.

“South-South Governors should concern themselves with their States which is lagging behind in terms of modern infrastructures, sustainable human development, capacity building and economic growth.

“Why did South-South Governors suddenly develop interest in NDDC affairs when the citizens of their various States do not know how the affairs of their States are being run? Who does South-South Governors consult whenever they make appointments in their various States?” he asked.

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