Let’s Talk About Exhaust Fumes, Different Colours And Possible Causes

This is a layman’s explanation and be sure to always consult your mechanic when you observe any of these.

By Ogechi Okere

It is commonplace to have observed fumes at varying times, either from your vehicle or another’s. This smoke could either be white, blue, black or Grey.

A white smoke on cold start or on a rainy day is normal as it is usually as a result of condensation. So this particular type naturally disappears when the car runs for a few minutes or when the engine gets warm. However, if the smoke persists, it may be time to have your car checked for either of the following : a leak from one or more of your engine cylinders thus allowing the seepage of coolant liquid into the engine, a broken gasket or even a cracked engine block usually due to overheating. I’ve personally experienced this. If this is your case, you need to have a good mechanic look at it.

A black smoke is what you get when you have excessive fuel flooding the combustion Chamber. Recall, last week I explained what happens in the combustion chamber (air:gasoline ratio and how it affects fuel economy). When there’s an unusually high acceleration or a fault in any of the fuel system sensors, the ratio of fuel entering the combustion chamber becomes more than its supposed to and thus as a result of incomplete combustion and minimal air, the exhaust fumes become black in colour. A blocked fuel filter van also cause this. This is usually why some mechanics would advise you change your air flow system when it’s just the filter you need to work on. If you observe this in your car(s) please visit a workshop. I can recommend a good one to you though.

The blue smoke is a sign that your engine needs some work or overhauling. This is caused by burning oil or a leak in the combustion chamber. In clear terms, when your vehicle’s engine starts consuming the oil meant to be lubricating it, it’s a sign that the engine’s piston and rings need to be looked at or the previous work done on it was not done well. Either ways, you ought not to let it get of hand.

Some of y’all would be wondering why I’m writing all these, when you’ve had your fair share of experience with driving Jalopies and their attendant problems, you’d be forced to pick up a thing or two for yourself.

Don’t take my word for it, always have a good mechanic look at that vehicle. Ogechi Okere and Maverick Autos and Sundry are still in the business of cars. I want to put you in that vehicle that won’t be smoking and getting high while you’re in it. 😁

Okere is of Maverick Autos, he wrote in from Abuja

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