Memoirs From Serving My Fatherland

I checked my portal and your girl had The Plateau as her state to be deployed to for National Service.

Hahahahaha…with mixed feelings, I accepted it because the first time I applied I got Zamfara and I’m like this people don’t even like me at all. The first thing I checked was fun places to visit 😂. Life of a travel blogger. We kept seeing cattle at every turn.

At that point I didn’t even know the items needed for camp…lol, I can be unserious. My sweet mother (in Pawpaws voice) bought everything I needed and packed it up for me (where she found the list, I don’t know)…what a waawu!

I was chilling somewhere, my dad assisted me in booking my flight ticket. I’m that spoilt…I know.

I traveled on Wednesday and landed in Kaduna (I toured part of the city) and after some time My uncle’s driver assisted me in getting to Jos which is about 3 hours from Kaduna. I got in and didn’t start my registration till the next day and finally wore my white uniform on Friday…Hohohohohoho.

The only reason I loved coming out for morning meditation….I was a loner for a while because I was trying to open my mind to the environment. I finally made friends and if you were ever looking for me you would find me at Mashas shop in mammy😂.

I made sure I did everything in camp just for the memories. I made sure I was also punished😂 to remember what it felt like. I took part in Man O’ War activities and I’m glad I have pictures for the memory.

My boots were very cute (I was given a different type) even my Platon officer and soldiers all commented about them.

At a point I thought I was in Canada because of the severe cold..My platoon was on duty and you dare not come to mammy at that time because I was in charge (One girl even tried to fight me, lol I just called my bad mouthed friend Kehinde, and Lolade also helped and the rest was history).

I had plenty fans who loved taking my pictures 😂. I actually redeployed the minute I got to camp but I kept on telling them I couldn’t find a flight back home. I finally told them I didn’t want to go home yet till the last day.

A Fog Experience: Jos isn’t a bad place it’s just the cold weather that’s unbearable. I’m glad I redeployed.

Ice blocks rain constantly. I can’t remember spending my money in mammy except for the cheap novels I bought, I opened a book shop in my box.

The old man who I constantly bought from was so happy. I’m glad I made him smile.

I made sure I tried all the northern dishes from Masa, Wara, Goje, Tuwo Shinkafa, Miyan tawushe, Kunu geda and Fura etc. Kehinde was my tasting partner.. You needed to see my face when eating these meals😂.

Kehinde my Camp Friend.

Camp finally ended and I didn’t go home immediately, I and my friends went to town to explore.

We visited Mee’s Palace (they watch movies here), Net Cafe( this one is just expensive abeg) Rayfield Resort, Millennium, Wild life Park, and a few lounges.

I had to wear a cardigan. Up until now I can’t sleep with the AC on. I’m still recovering 😭. I was very happy I had the opportunity of visiting a few northern states and I EXPLORED.

If I have the opportunity, I’ll visit more northern states in Nigeria.

This is how their tricycle looks like.

When you travel, your mind opens up to a lot of things- Dera 2019


1.) If you ever go to Jos, please go with a lot of thick cardigans.

2.) Food is relatively cheap in Jos.

3.) For cheap food items, go to Farin Gada and for other items like clothes go to Terminus.

4.) Transport is relatively cheap too.

5.) By 7-8 run to your house and sleep 😂 (Ask me why in the comment box)

6.) Ice blocks fall there as rain and they experience fog a lot.

7.) The only direct flight to Jos is by Arik Air.

8.) Jos is a nice place, be open minded.

I left a baby girl, but darker 🌚
I’m happy I finally went for my National Youth Service and I’m also glad I camped on The Plateau. I had a lasting experience which I’ll never forget.



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