Oyebade Commends Team, As Don Laments Effects Of Corruption

Commandant of the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA), Major General Adeniyi Oyebade has commended his team and students of the elite defence training institution for achievements recorded during his tenure so far.

He made this known during the 10th inaugural professorial lecture series in the institution on Thursday.

At the same event, a senior lecturer in the Academy in Kaduna, Prof. Egwaikhide Umoudu, said Nigeria’s government’s war against corruption is unsuccessful because all Nigerians are beneficiaries of the proceeds of the act.

In his presentation as a guest speaker at the Lecture Series of NDA, Umoudu said, “Corruption is the bane of Nigeria’s development. We are all beneficiaries of corruption. If you employ a mediocre, it is corruption.

“Every Nigerian is corrupt because we are, one way or the other, beneficiaries. In Nigeria our dreams are corrupted, our knowledge is corrupted, our plans corrupted, even our religions are corrupted, the constitution is corrupted.

“Nigeria scores 27/100 out of 180 countries, occupies 144th position.”

The professor of economics noted that for the country to get out of its current socio-economic problem, it must invest in its education sector, stressing that education was the key to Nigeria’s future.

Education is the bedrock of development. Nigerians should invest in education. Nigeria’s education system is plagued by a number of challenges which have jeopardised the standards of education in the country,” he said.

Speaking further, Maj.Gen. Oyebade, told the cadets that only dedication, commitment and hard work could take them to the top of their military career.

He said, “As I came on board as commandant, I took advantage of opportunities to make a difference and I thank God collectively what we have achieved.

“It was challenging, but we all contributed, from the cleaner to the commandant.”

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