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Ndubuisi Kanu: Hospital Deceived Me That My Husband Was Getting Better – Widow


Widow of late former Military Administrator of Lagos State Mrs Gladys Kanu has blamed the death of her husband on deceit by the hospital that the NADECO leader was responding to treatment.

Fielding questions from newsmen in her Lagos, Mrs. Kanu said: “My husband is one in a billion. He was highly principled, very honest and always out to help people. Since I met him, he had never been sick. This is the first time.

“Within 11 days, I took him to three different hospitals. I was about to fly him out for treatment but the hospital where he was deceived us that he was recovering. We intended using Air-ambulance to fly him out. His death came as a shock. It’s has not dawned on me that he has passed on.

“With all the governors that emerged in Lagos, my husband was very close to them contributing on State matters advising them. From the days of Bola Tinubu to this current administration. He was a very intelligent man, I don’t know how I am going to leave without him”.

Also speaking, deceased’s daughter, Samantha Kanu described her father as” …humble, principled, kind wonderful, beautiful soul.

“A lover of nature, sensitive, but firm when needed. A leader, builder of cities, philosopher, joker ,comforter, a fighter and a believer in a united Nigeria.

“My father, beautiful inside and out. A few months ago, he sent message about a tree in our Lagos compound. Someone had asked why he hadn’t cut it down; it was dead, leafless. My father disagreed, saying ‘No, it is preparing to… bloom! Bloom to the glory of our awesome God.’ A few weeks later, it did.

“Right now, I take comfort in the fact that my father is blooming with our God, resting in perfect peace”.

Also paying tribute, NADECO chieftain Ayo Opadokun described as Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu’s death as painful and unexpected saying he was consistently nationalistic, energetic, courageous, and genuinely patriotic.

According to Opadokun: “In his 78 years sojourn on this terrestrial divide, Admiral Kanu has been Military Governor of Lagos and the old Imo State respectively. He was once a member of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) apart from his holding several command postings in the Nigerian Navy.

“Admiral Kanu was a distinguished leader of the Council for Unity and Understanding (CUU) which was the most formidable platform created by the credible leaders of the entire former Eastern, Western, and Middle Belt Zones. The CUU was the main pillar which supplied the largest credible core of officers at the formation of the National Democratic Coalition, NADECO in 1994.

“At the inception of NADECO which was a nationwide national platform created by eminent nationalists, retired public officers, civil society organizations, Professional bodies, Students, Women, Traditional and Religious Leaders for a credible campaign for the restoration of democracy to Nigeria and to ensure that Nigeria convoked a Sovereign National Conference to resolve the National Question once and for all for the progress, development, stability and peace of Nigeria and finally for the deannulment of the credible victory of Chief MKO Abiola at the Presidential Election of June 12, 1993 which was insensitively and contemptuously annulled by the military jackboot led by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.

“Admiral Kanu as NADECO’s founding Chairman of the All General Purposes Committee worked assiduously, sacrificed his mental, material resources, and applied his wide national connections for the establishment of a formidable, resilient, productive apolitical platform with proven positive results that eventually forced the Nigeria Army strongmen and their surrogates to return to the barracks with the death of the most violent Nigeria military despot, General Sani Abacha.

“Admiral Kanu became the Chairman of NADECO at the demise of Senator Abraham Aderibigbe Adesanya. Admiral Kanu’s contributions towards building a country that will be governed by policy thrusts centered on justice, equity, fairness, respect for as well as defense and protection of the rule of law will remain imperishable in the annals of our country’s history.

“Admiral Kanu, in spite of his towering figure in the military and political offices endured with equanimity the orchestrated humiliation and total disrespect for his person because he was a NADECO Chieftain. For example, Abacha security operatives violated Admiral Kanu’s privacy in several respects.”

Other Nigerians including President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Bola Tinubu among others have paid their respects to the late former governor of old Imo State.


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