Nigerian University To Employ Prof Ejected By Ghana

Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State on Wednesday offered to employ Professor Augustine Nwagbara who was relieved by a Ghanian University where he was on sabbatical from the University of Lagos.

Professor Nwagbara’s video conversation went viral in Nigerian and Ghanaian communities following his remarks which his employers felt was disparaging. In June his engagement with the University of Education, Winneba was terminated because of the content of his address to during an informal meeting with the Nigerian community in Ghana.

Nwagbara, in the video was seen lambasting Ghana for how authorities treat Nigerians and urged his colleagues to employ the influence of the Nigerian media to take up the fight.

But Ghanian authorities and the University described the video as inciting and a threat to peace.
He was briefly arrested and interrogated by Ghanian Police Service over the video.

The Vice Chancellor of AE-FUNAI, Prof Chinedum Nwajuba on Wednesday organized a grand home-coming reception for the Professor where he offered him the opportunity to complete his Sabbatical at the University.

Prof. Nwajiuba, at the reception, alongside other senior staff of the University, at the Vice-Chancellor’s Conference Room, assured Prof. Nwagbara his support.

He assured Prof Nwajuba that he will do everything possible to make his stay in AE-FUNAI comfortable and remarkable.

“We need to get back our pride, we are great people and you are an enviable example”, added Nwajuba
He told Prof. Nwagbara that the young university needs serious-minded people like him, and expressed hope that he will leave University of Lagos stay permanently in AE-FUNAI.

“You must believe in something, stand on what you believe”, Nwajiuba said.

Professor Philip Omoke DVC (Administration) told the gathering that this is the kind of reception you give to a hero and an achiever.

He further told the guest that AE-FUNAI is today the only university that graduates its students on record time, send them for youth service, hold convocation and give out certificate on the spot the same day without encumbrances.

Responding to all that were said about him, the excited Professor Nwagbara said he was proud to be in AE-FUNAI and a Nigerian.

He took time to relay his ordeal in Ghana after making the video about the education system in Ghana and the place of Nigeria academia there and in the West Africa sub-region went viral.

He asked to be given opportunity while in the University to tell Nigerians what they can gain by promoting our education system and stated that this can best happen through public lectures.

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