Osun Oba Urges Nigerians To Return Home Over Attacks By South Africans

An Osun monarch Olowu of Kuta, His Royal Highness Oba Hameed Adekunle Makama, Tegbosin 11, has urged Nigerians in South Africa to salvage whatever they can there and return home to pick up the pieces of their lives. He said instead of being killed in the country since it appears the attack is premeditated.

The monarch in a statement issued by his media office on Tuesday said despite the show of brotherliness and for being a pillar of support during the apartheid years, the South Africans have not reciprocated the same gesture towards Nigerians living on their soil.

Oba Makama called on well meaning Nigerians and various “influential groups such as Ohaneze Ndigbo, Afenifere, Labour unions, civil society leaders and students movement to rise up to the occasion and speak out to stem the orgy of violence being visited on our people in South Africa.”

He recalled that an indication that the killings were premeditated could be traced to a statement credited to the Zulu King in South Africa about four years ago where he incited his people to move against Nigerians for taking up jobs that ought to be for them.

He said, “ it is becoming crystal clear everyday that these premeditated attacks and killings of our brothers and sisters in South Africa won’t stop unless we tell them in clear term that we can defend ourselves.

“The Deputy Minister of Police in South Africa, Fakile Mbalula, was unequivocal in a video that has gone viral that Nigerians are not wanted in their land when he said. ‘How can a city in South Africa be 80% foreign nationals? That is dangerous! South Africa has surrendered their city (Hilbrow) to foreign nationals. There is nowhere in the world where you have 80% foreign nationals domiciled in a city. You won’t find South Africa dominating a city in another country up to 80%. It is a sign of taking over power and in future, you may have foreign national as your president. It’s not xenophobic, it’s a matter of principle. We fought for it,” he said.

The monarch continued “it is unbelievable that a country we stood behind like the Rock of Gibraltar and donated $3million of our hard earned resources to fight apartheid could turn around and treat us with disdain and unwarranted attacks and killings like we are witnessing now.

“A country that enjoy a tremendous support and multi billion investments such a DSTV , MTN, just to mention a few in Nigeria could be killing our people leaves much to be desired.” He said.”

He however, urged the Federal Government to step up efforts to stop these unprovoked attacks and killings before our people become agitated and resort to self help which may lead to diplomatic row if not well handled.

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