Photos: Dorian’s Deadly Devastation leaves Pain, Penury On It’s Path

Hurricane Dorian has left on its trail across the Caribbean record devastation. In Bahamas for example stretches of cities have been reduced to rubble. The same for Haiti and several other islands along its path.

The preceding storm has stoked emergencies in the United States’ south eastern states who are battling to save lives, restore power cuts, activate responders and reduce impact. But it’s already late or so it seems.

Death toll will come in shortly. It may break previous records going by evidence of annihilation of communities by the storm.

In the US Dorian made landfall over Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in the morning of Friday.

The storm was packing a powerful punch as it skimmed along North Carolina’s coast, bringing fierce winds and a dangerous storm surge, according to America’s National Hurricane Center.

As of 5 a.m., Dorian, now a Category 1 hurricane, was about 40 kilometres east of Cape Lookout in North Carolina, part of the low-lying islands that make up the state’s Outer Banks, with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph and “hurricane-force sustained winds,” the hurricane center said.

The center warned that “life-threatening storm surge” and dangerous winds were expected along portions of the North Carolina coast, portions of southeast Virginia and the southern Chesapeake Bay on Friday.

“There is a 30 percent chance the storm will make landfall in the next hour or so, potentially over Cape Hatteras,” said NBC News meteorologist Don Tsouhnikas.

Tsouhnikas said strong winds, rain and storm surge should subside as the storm begins its track toward Canada later on Friday.

“The worst of it will come this morning,” he said. “Conditions should improve this afternoon across North Carolina.”

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