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Plot To Destabilise Lagos APC Thickens – Council Boss Shops For Court Injunction


As the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) prepares to begin congresses nationwide and hold council election in Lagos State, there are plots to destabilise the party from within, Politicos has learnt.

The plot which is being coordinated elsewhere has found a willing tool in the person of the incumbent chairman of Apapa local government area of Elijah Owolabi Adele (pictured above).

He has been accused of nursing destabilisation agenda against the ruling party in his local government in particular, but the state in general.

He is using his failure to clinch the party’s ticket at the just concluded primary election of May 29 as smokecreen.

Our investigation shows that he has been hobnobbing with a former senator and a close ally of former Governor Akinnwumi Ambode to “procure” injunction against his current vice chairman who is the candidate of the party.

In a response to his tirade of attacks against the state chairman of the party, who is also a resident of the local government, Tunde Balogun, a group – the Apapa Liberation Leam (ALT) in a press release signed by its publicity director, Lanre Owosheni stated that Adele has been running from pillar to post to destabilise the party over his failure to clinch the party ticket..

In a letter titled RE:TUNDE BALOGUN IN MANIPULATION AND THUGGERY MESS” stated that the council chairman became uncouth and arrogant immediately he became the council boss and has continued to deride and malign the characters of both the national leader of the party Bola Tinubu and that of the state chairman – the duo the group claims “brought him from nobody to somebody”

According to ALT “In situating the record perfectly, the arrogant Adele who was assisted to the seat of governance by the leaders of our party, had turned back to insult, malign , slander and cast aspersions on noble me who helped him to political relevance. For the sake of clarify, here is a young man who was picked from nowhere to somewhere by our leaders , and immediately he emerged, he became swollen headed and uncontrollable, arrogant and highly irresponsible “

The group further posited that “a day to the primary election, he imported fake party members and camped them in the Secretariat of the local government and that the following day, that the imported thugs started brandishing weapons to scar away genuine and authentic party members who resisted them and a stampede ensued which made the electoral officers run for their lives and reported the incident at the state Secretariat, and that the party in its wisdom opted for the indirect option to pick their candidates which is also a recognised mode of picking candidates.

“But more importantly, on the last primary election in Apapa Loca government, Hon Adele has gone to town to paint a picture of how he will use our leaders to secure a second term and dump them afterwards. The information however leaked , but we took it as half truth or outright falsehood, but to our consternation, he imported armed thugs into the local government and them inside the local government. On the day of the primary those thugs he mobilised , who slept in the council Secretariat, whom he gave one million naira (₦1miillion) ,moved into the streets brandishing dangerous weapons , thereby threatening the lives of genuine party members who were out to effect political change in our local government, this degenerated to serious altercations between his team and ours, thus a stampede,” ALT claimed.

Continuing, “however in our party’s constitution, there is a provision for indirect primary of the direct option fails. So our knowledgeable party leaders opted for the indirect mode in the face of threat to public peace by the Adele imported thugs, and this didn’t go down well with him as he has assured his godfather and his coterie of hired thugs that he will clinch the ticket by all means necessary relying on money. Though he deployed five million naira of council funds to prosecute the primary, our resolute party members vehemently rejected his greek gift knowing quite well that it will be another four years of slavery under this wicked and arrogant council boss “

Politicos also gathered that the council boss through the Ambode camp has been spending money to attract the attention of the national body of the party. Especially after the former governor was recently named into a committee of the party.

“He thinks he can sneak into the party in Abuja to upset our national leader,” a source told this news website.

“Now he wants to get an injunction to stop the state from going ahead with the council election throughout the state and also stop congresses,” the source disclosed.

The Apapa group on its own alleged that, Adele is also “negotiating with another party to be it’s candidate in the July 24 election, relying on his fake popularity and the council fund as well as series of attack on the party chairman, Alhaji Tunde Balogun and discredit the APC. Secondly he has concluded plans to drag the party (APC) to court , so that a restraining order will be procured by him to prevent the party candidate from contesting the election , so that he will have clear victory and to this, he has taken thirty five million naira from the council’s purse from the recently released federal allocation “


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