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I did a research and found out that quite a number of people haven’t been to Pink berry.

I decided to share my experience. I have been to Pinkberry countless of times (I get hailed when I get in😂)


They have series of games.
They have a number of branches (VI, Lekki, Ikeja) check them out on google.

They don’t sell Ice cream but frozen yoghurt. Yoghurts are healthier than creams.

You have the opportunity of getting a whole lot of testers.

My Pink Berry partner Uju😍

Whenever I go there, I just behave like I haven’t tasted any of their flavors and taste everything again and finally end up with the Chocolate flavor, Anambra girl innit?

I like the fact that you get to choose any free topping of your choice. My mom always goes with the fresh fruit toppings 😒 Please pass me the coconut, white chocolate, dark chocolate toppings please!

Pinkberry is very affordable. Once you can’t find me at work during lunch hours, I might be spending my salary on Pinkberry 😚

Small Cup
You can even spend just 500 naira by ordering your Yoghurt with the cone.


Cone- 500

Small cup-1000 (might vary)

Medium cup – 1500 (might vary)

Large cup- varies


I also want to spend my salary with you😂 at Pinkberry

• Just tell me my favorite flavor at Pinkberry

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• I’ll choose my winner myself in the comment section😃

• Lagos Participants Only.

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