The Game Changer Is Here!

By Muyiwa Opeyemi Ojebiyi

As the 2023 general election draws closer, what shall we be expecting from those aspiring to lead, head and govern our dear Ogun state?

In Yorubaland, money has never been foremost in our value system. In our value system, money is number six.

What are the first five, you may ask?

  1. The first is làákà’yè – The application of wisdom, knowledge & understanding… (Ogbón, ìmò ati òye)
  2. The second is Ìwà Omolúàbí – (Integrity). Someone with integrity is a man/woman of his/her words. If you have all the wealth in the world but lack integrity, you are not worth a thing. Integrity is combined with iwa (character) which we regard as Omolúàbí.
  3. The third is Akínkanjú or Akin – (Valour)
    That is why the Balóguns (the warriors) are second-in-command to the leaders in Yorubaland.
    Balóguns are the rare bred who lead their people to war. They lead with great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. Yoruba people have no respect for cowards.
  4. The fourth is Anísélápá tí kìíse òle – (Having a visible means of livelihood). A person must be identified with a visible means of livelihood that guarantees a lawful income or sustenance. His or her profession or job must be open and legally approved by society, and not through cheating or any shady thing.
  5. The fifth is iyi – (Honour) Yoruba people place so much premium on the gait with which individuals carry themselves and public reputation.
    That is why Yorùbá people usually say when you set out to look for money and you meet honour on the way, then you do not need the journey anymore, because if you get the money, you will still go in search of honour.
  6. The last in the Yorùbá value system is owó tàbí orò – (Money or wealth). In the olden days, if you put money ahead of the other five, then you are not thoroughbred Yoruba man or woman. Unfortunately, this is being pushed to the front burner nowadays due to the erosion of our value system.

Given the erosion of the value system, only a few Yoruba men and women possess all these virtues – in that order.

One of the rare breed is OTUNBA JIMI ADEBISI LAWAL (JAL). It has pleased the Almighty God to bless him with ALL.

I can say without any equivocation that among all the contestants and candidates that have been thrown up by the leading parties, OTUNBA JIMI ADEBISI LAWAL (JAL) is second to none.

Let’s all rally round to support the Man of vision and mission. This is the SET TIME.


° Ojebiyi is the chairman of PDP in Obafemi Owode LGA, Ogun state

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