Time Magazine Writer Locks Twitter Account After Obi’s Supporters Bullied Her For Citation On Tinubu

A staff writer for Time magazine, Astha Rajvanshi, has locked her Twitter account, an action which was believed to be connected with criticisms she has endured over the inclusion of Nigeria’s president-elect, Bola Tinubu, on the latest Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world 2023.

Rajvanshi received a bombardment of denigration on social media for the article she wrote on Tinubu, which painted his role as a “longtime political power broker” and his efforts in helping to restore Nigeria’s democracy in 1999.

Many Twitter users, who are mostly supporters of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, lambasted the writer for decorating Tinubu’s political career.

In response to the bullying, the writer locked her Twitter account and has not commented publicly on the matter.

Despite the criticism, Tinubu’s supporters have hailed his inclusion on the list as a validation of his leadership and political influence, both in Nigeria and on the global stage.

Some of the reactions are below:

One of the critics One Nigeria! 🇳🇬🇨🇦 @Gen_tuu69 on Twitter wrote, “Above is Astha Rajvanshi @astharajvanshi repost on LinkedIn, thanks to @ChiomaChuka for the thoughts shared to clear up the TIME 100 Tinubu’s feature. I think Agbados didn’t bother to read the Article and Obidients wonjured her too fast. Na Journey we dey go, and we go finish am.”

In reaction, Emeka Azuka Okoye @EmekaOkoye said, “Dear #ObiDients, Attacking Astha Rajvanshi was uncalled for and unnecessary. She didn’t do it because she doesn’t like Nigeria. The bigots lobbyists sold the idea to Time Magazine. We should have just educated her with all that has been going on. This was just not right IMHO (in my honest opinion).

Meanwhile, another Twitter user, Tosin Hexemty @Hexemty1 cautioned, “Okay now; I think the “Obidients” needs to be cautioned and sensitized appropriately. Bcos why do u have to go hard on anyone that has a contrary opinion to yours. Don’t people especially of the press reserve/have the right to carry out their assignment again?!”

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