Tinubu Greets Ex-Supreme Court Justice Ogwuegbu As He Turns 90

President-elect Bola Tinubu has congratulated former Supreme Court Justice Emmanuel Obioma Ogwuegbu on his attainment of 90 on March 16.

He described Justice Ogwuegbu as an excellent judge who distinguished himself both on the bench and in public service.

After spending only five years at the Appeal Court, Justice Ogwuegbu was elevated to the Supreme Court of Nigeria as justice in February 1992. Later in December 1999, he was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court of The Gambia.

The President-elect said Justice Ogwuegbu was noted for dispensing justice without fear or favour, and particularly in the interest of the downtrodden for which he was nicknamed “Judge Goodheart.”

While commending Justice Ogwuegbu for his contributions to jurisprudence and the country in general, the President-elect wished him good health and increased wisdom.

In a statement issued by his office and signed by Tunde Rahman, the President-elect said:

“Congratulations to former Supreme Court Justice Emmanuel Obioma Ogwuegbu on turning 90 on March 16.

“Justice Ogwuegbu distinguished himself while on the bench particularly at the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court and in public service.

“His contributions to the legal profession where he earned the moniker ‘Judge Goodheart’ and to nation-building are particularly noteworthy.

“Earlier in his career which took him to the zenith, Justice Ogwuegbu was appointed among others as Coroner for Umuahia Judicial Division, East-Central State of Nigeria from 1973 to 1976. He also headed the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) as vice chairman, Umuahia branch, between 1975 and 1976.

“While thanking him for his useful contributions to jurisprudence and to Nigeria, I wish Justice Ogwuegbu continued good health, more wisdom and continued God’s protection.”

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