Who is Tiwa Savage?

She is Original and Denounces Xenophobia.

By Frank Tietie

Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian female singing sensation, famous for her lewd videos, sheer popular appeal to the young and a fabulous personality with a bundle of moral questions yet, she is the heroine that values life and community above money and fame.

Savage turned down and indeed sacrificed an offer by DSTV involving millions of dollars to perform in South Africa. She made this sacrifice in solidarity with her people and government, against the evil spirit of xenophobia in South Africa.

I wont say about those who should have led in solidarity with Nigeria but failed woefully. Their true motive is the allure of money and fame that Savage has resoundingly rejected to promote a higher value of respect for humanity.

Again, Savage has reenacted the belief that Nigerian women in all areas, including entertainment, possess extraordinary leadership potentials that must be recognized and respected, to be given the opportunity to provide political leadership for our battered country.

Tiwa Savage has shown tremendous leadership by her actions and must be commended for her principled patriotism. Her originality not only distinguishes her world class music but sets her apart as an entertainment leader that can also provide credible political leadership which she has indeed provided at this time.

Nigeria’s future is brighter with women’s leadership.

Tietie is Executive Director, Citizens Advocacy for Social & Economic Rights (CASER)

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